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The Reality Shifters

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Nadine May

What we can Imagine we can make Real
My field of interest is the awakening to our ascension into a 5th or higher dimensional reality. A fictional human plot was born through my art therapy and decoding workshops. Exploring an awakening by writing the lightworker's journals about the Jaarsma clan became a passion and a mission. The series of visionary fiction novels is a fictional plot-driven storyboard about the awakening and activating of the nine main characters' psychic powers due to the workshops they are all attending. By incorporating the Language of Light workshops, the meditations on the Language of Light cards and the forthcoming Body Codes of Light workbook classroom as the core focus through dialogue my co-creator readers can follow a multi-dimensional scenario that could be real. This is the preparation for our FULL awakening!

The Language of Light - Workbook (s) and Novels reviews

This unusual workbook is one of a kind. I was riveted by the explanation of the Language of Light. The many illustrations and creative formats that help one to create their own Language of Light cards, is phenomenal. This workbook is a breakthrough from the point of bringing into perspective how each one of us can embody more psychic energy. The mind-drawing activities with each exercise are creative meditations. I have used some of the exercises in my own workshops and they truly work Sue Barker, Academy for Art Therapy & The Power of the Mind – Paarl, Western Cape This amazing book further develops the Language of Light mentioned in Nadine’s novel “The Awakening Clan”. Using the Techniques of Mind Drawing, the reader is connected with their own intuitive nature, the Language of their Soul. This is a workbook which explains the Chakra system, how it resonates with your thought patterns and how emotional patterns are established, which affect your later life. Beautifully produced and easy to use, this book is most recommended. Renaissance Magazine June 2003 The Language of Light is one of those books so completely different to the ordinary and so creatively satisfying that I come back to it time and again, especially if the stresses of the mundane world become too much for me. The concept of ‘creative doodling’ seems to be little known and may even be unique to this book, but it sure gets your supeficial ‘monkey mind’ out of the way so that one’s Higher Mind can come through with realizations that are ultimately satisfying. Bonnie Saunders, reader – Somerset West I came to this book through the recommendation of a friend and it has become a firm favourite. The author’s approach is unique and I confess to initial doubts that plain doodling would offer the answers to life, but soon learned that this form of unstructured drawing leads to clear insights into life’s issues. One’s inner obstacles seem to magically reduce or disappear! So in the end it is highly recommended. I keep going back to it. Jessica – reader from Johannesburg The Reality Shifters Nadine your fascinating visionary novel is truly a empowering futuristic projection of a possible future for the human species. Although written as fiction, you have again presented it in such a way that it could easily be true and happening right now on the planet. Not only was the story gripping, but it also offered to me as a reader, a possibility of partaking in a spiritual journey that could lead to full consciousness. David Wicock : Author of articles on the science of ascension Congratulations! I loved the story which had me awake until the early hours of the morning as I could not put it down. I was also amazed that you managed to make all the information about ascension so accessible. Apart from the fact that it was a great read, I have been captivated by the information contained in the book. I really just wanted to salute you and recognize how deeply your book resonated within me. Thank you. Tracy Dunley-Owen The Reality Shifters is not just a factual guideline to immortality, but a beautiful and intriguing romance. It is one of those gripping tales that urge one to quickly read the next page in order to come closer to the conclusion. At times I have found myself reading rather quickly through the profound messages of POWAH, a Higher Consciousness Guide, whose excerpts can assist all to return Home in a more conscious way, just to get to the pages filled with passion, suspense and love. The two interwoven stories, a romance and a guideline to our awakening make interesting, educational, inspirational and entertaining reading. Rev. Marietjie Venter
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My work is global, therefore through my blogs, I run the Language of Light workshops: Some chapters of The Reality Shifters novel and who the 9 characters are can be investigated here: For local meetings please send me an email or visit me on social media. For my Europe buyers visit page:
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